Saturday, October 31, 2009

Witchmobile in magazines!

Back in August, David and I took the Witchmobile to an event called Concours d'Lemons and consequently we got some press...(Thank you to Joanne Quinn and Hunter Mann for the heads up!)

New York Times!

You can see us in the November issues of Grassroots Motorsports and another magazine called Classic and Sports Car. Weird, huh?! Weird because I'm not really a car enthusiast at all...I'm just a compulsive decorator...! But, I guess if you hang out at a car show (even a kooky one) you may end up in a car magazine, eh? I noticed they quoted me referring to David as 'my friend' in Classic and Sports Car...and yeah, we're friends...but he's more than a friend--we're pretty serious about each other, in fact...we got married a few years back! You don't tear out the front seat of your car for just anyone...

above photo taken at Concours d'Lemons by Phillip Hall

below photo by Joy Davis

we won a cool trophy!

Photos of Witchmobile

1962 Dodge Lancer before decoration
photo taken by David Hilborn 2005

photo taken at Concours D'Lemons

First Post!

above photo by Konnie May 2009
blog title photo by Phillip Hall 2009