Monday, March 1, 2010

Carthedral's 10th Anniversary!

It's hard to believe it has been 10 years since Carthedral first took to the roads back in 2000!

I started the creation of Carthedral in October of 1999 but it wasn't road worthy until early 2000. Carthedral's first trip was to the wine country in Northern California where we were invited to the Di Rosa preserve along with several other art cars.

So much has happened over the last decade it seems like lifetimes have passed. And they have. One of the art car artist friends at the Di Rosa that first time out has since passed, as have others in the art car community... as well as my beloved canine companion Bella.

R.I.P. comrades.

Carthedral took me all the way to Seattle to the north, Houston to the east, and many places in between. She drove to the Nevada desert for the burning man festival at least six times over the span of a decade. I lost a wheel going down the freeway at 60 mph and lived to tell the tale. I was pulled over by the police only twice. I was called a satanist, a goth, a witch, Rob Zombie, and a sicko among other things. I've been spit at, bowed to, applauded, and booed. I met a couple celebrities, I've been asked for my autograph and gotten rock star parking... Most of the time, however, parking was a problem. hehe.

I've lived in the boonies, inside Carthedral, in San Francisco, on a boat, in the suburbs, a cottage, a warehouse, a condo, an apartment, and a loft.

I've been depressed, deeply hurt, ecstatic, and in love!

Over the last decade I've fallen in and out of love a couple times. I finally fell in love again and got married, and happily so! 2010 will be our 5th anniversary. David and I were married on 5.5.05 We adopted three awesome little doggies.

In 2006 Carthedral was retired to the Art Car World museum in Douglas, Arizona.

However, last year I started a new art car: The Witchmobile!!! a smaller, more humble art car but nonetheless freaky and fun!

I plan to visit Carthedral this year some time. Maybe in May. Seems appropriate as that will be the month we went to the Di Rosa ten years ago on our Maiden voyage.

I'm very grateful for all the support I've had over the years from friends and family...who never thought I was least...if they did they kept it to themselves! I was always encouraged to manifest my crazy dreams, as absurd as they building a Cathedral on a hearse.

Thank you. :o)